You are at the perfect stage in your business to share your message, on your terms, with a high quality book.

Why? Because you put your foot down and said “I’m going to write this book” and you did it! Now, it’s time to indie publish and build a strategy to create multiple streams of income in your business.

I have carefully crafted done-for-you publishing solutions designed to help entrepreneurs, coaches and online influencers publish their book with a “what’s next?” mantra!

Yes! The excitement of a finished manuscript.

You have a message that you know will upset the apple cart in someone’s life, maybe create a pivot or even move them enough to take an “in the moment” grand stand in their life.  It all starts with a simple confirmation that allows people to embrace where they are right now.  And with your expertise, you’ll guide them into a change they have yet to define.

 Your book is that powerful!   

Here’s the beauty about your message, you can extend impact into action beyond your book with workbooks, journals, workshops, courses and other products.  But you have to keep going! It’s the only way to inspire, delight and teach your audience how to get to where they want to be.

What’s Next?

It’s time to get beyond what binds you with these benefits and if you agree, then check out my indie publishing solutions.

  • Save money by keeping book production costs low
  • Collaborate, make decisions and monitor your book project through Asana/Instagantt.
  • Stress-free done-for-you!  We carry out the tasks and handle the details.
  • No middleman.  You are the publisher—everything is registered in your name
  • You keep 100% of the profits of every book sold
  • Keep all your rights, including distribution and re-purposing, and keep the option open to negotiate a contract with a traditional publisher as your grow