What I do

Hi, I’m Traci Green.  I am a project manager that specializes in delivering simple but modern publishing solutions.  I absolutely enjoy the way a story awakens the mind and sparks the need for humans to engage (book clubs).  My genre interest are: business, self-help, mystery, horror, thriller, memoir and historical fiction. I’m a former book blogger that supported debut authors for 9 years and there was nothing more satisfying than helping them share their story.

Who it’s For

Entrepreneurs, coaches and online influencers who want to become authors.  They are looking to take on this project without having to worry about losing their rights or splitting royalties. They dream of creating a business around this book and expanding into multiple income streams. More importantly, they have one hell of story to share with the world. If you’re looking for someone to manage the book production – planning, motivating and managing the team, and delivering a high quality book, then I’m your girl!

Why It’s Special

This is your chance to have someone on your team that knows and understands the publishing process and that can manage the project to your specifications.  Look, when you can’t – I gantt!  As an indie publisher, you’re not really looking for just a publishing service.  You’re looking for someone who can manage and get the work done! You’re looking to maintain ownership of all book rights, profits and flexibility for future business.  The process we create will be your own and you can easily count it as an asset in your indie publishing business. When it’s time to create your next book, you already know what to do – you may want to check-in with for some updates. But at the end of the day, you have a new business process not just a completed project. I spent years creating and improving processes for corporate giants in many different industries. I understand that this project is part of a larger strategy in your business – in brand and in profit.

How it works

We set up a strategy call and talk date, budget, team, timeline and your vision.  If we are in agreement and the stars are aligned, I’ll send you a contract and request a down payment with options to join a 4 or 6-month payment plan.  Once the project begins, you will have complete transparency through Asana to track the progress and we can also set up teleconference calls to ensure that decisions and issues are addressed promptly and keep the project moving.  You remain stress free as I work with the contractors and vendors to produce your book.  About half way through your project, we will begin to build your marketing arsenal, if applicable. I’ll be present to make sure that your book gets produced.

What do to next?

Click here to start the process with a strategy call.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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