Hi I’m Traci !

I’m here to  teach self-publishers, course creators and other highly creative entrepreneurs how to embrace the story of their numbers and plan to profit.  I help entrepreneurs get comfortable with money and think about it in a way that’s not stressful but fun to build into the business.  I work with you to  build profit into your business plan, strategic plan and your projects so that it becomes so natural to you and your team and  you will never lose site of why you started your business in the first place.

My vision is to ensure that business owners know their numbers, what it means and how to troubleshoot the warning signs and get to profitability.   

Thanks to my journey as a strategic project manager and accountant, I am able to help small business owners thrive and live creatively! 

If you are currently stressed because you have: 

  • Unforeseen project expenses
  • Lower revenue than hoped 
  • No budget to grow
  • No strategy to stay the course
  • No plan to manage the bumps in the road

Then it’s time to get beyond what’s binding you to this situation, protect your profits and prepare to scale.



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