A little about me and why I created Beyond the Binding 

I’m Traci Green and I am a strategic project manager that uses mind mapping techniques and my profound love and consumption for books to help fiction authors build their business 20160220_171022profitably within today’s marketing and publishing trends.

As a book thirsty consumer, I fell in love with fiction stories and always hoped for the next one but sometimes the author didn’t write again or didn’t make time to connect with readers.  So, I dug in and found out why and here’s what they said:

  • Unforeseen expenses
  • Revenue was lower that hoped (not expected, but hoped)
  • No budget to grow
  • No strategy to stay the course
  • No plan to manage the bumps in the road

Does that sound like you? Are you ready to go beyond the binding and flourish?

 What’s the process like?

I love using my creative brain, my love for numbers and project management to help you guide move your strategy into action.

We start with your story (where have you been?)  And I spend time to dive into the world of your other story (novel).  Next, we discuss your current state (where are you now?)  

And then the work begins…..

  • We start to build your future state (Where do you want to be?).
  • We figure out the tasks and projects that will get you to the next level through brainstorming and research sessions and build out lite project plans.
  • Finally, the budget – we build a budget for each project and we setup your operational budget so that you will always know where you stand, where you going and how long it take.

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If you are already profitable and desire more, then let’s make sure you have your foundation completely built for takeoff with my assessment and free 20 minute consultation.

Why fiction authors?

I LOVE FICTION!   My love of fiction began with Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Dean Koontz, John Saul and that was just the childhood days on my parent’s budget.

Once I got a job I explored romance, historical fiction, science fiction and many other sub-genres and I even created a book club in my hometown focused on women’s fiction.  Years later, I became a used bookseller because my book obsession yielded a much larger collection than the size of my home and it would take too long to convert them to meaningful book art.

I love the fans of fiction.  The writers, publishers, book clubbers, and book bloggers that I met during my 9 years as a book blogger for new and emerging authors, led to building this business.

For years, fiction authors have kept me alive with giggles, reflections and ah-ha moments.  If I could mind-map a fiction story without spoilers, I would –  but spoiler alerts just aren’t cool!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do read nonfiction but life is already all too real and it doesn’t do to me what fiction does every day.

Why do I use mind maps for authors?

  • Once you make up your mind on how far you want to go, mind maps allow you the room to explore endless possibilities and put you in control of how far you want to go.
  • They provide interactive collaboration no matter where you are and it’s good to know that you are never in this alone.
  • It’ll help bring structure to your thoughts and prioritize them and set the stage to take action
  • It’s easy, efficient and fun to build your path to profitable results – building this is hard enough the methodology doesn’t need to get in the way
  • Mind mapping brings everything into focus including your core marketing message – at the end of the day every good book, and all projects thereafter need an audience – your tribe of readers.

Schedule your appointment so we start the journey of getting you on the next level for your business, once you are scheduled, you will receive a questionnaire that you need to complete and send back 24 hours before our call.

 What are your favorite genres or authors?

My personal library contains a mix of historical fiction, mystery, thrillers, science fiction and some nonfiction. I read those genres strictly for enjoyment.  As for favorite authors – I would binge buy any book by Dean Koontz, Eric Larson, Jonathan Kellerman and Linda Fairstein. Right now, I’m focused on building a generational African-American/Diaspora historical and contemporary book collection for my family.

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